About us

Meet Valeria Lugo and Alejandra Soria Rojas, the founders of Casa Alva Design. Valeria and Alejandra met in early childhood and grew up together in Cancun, Mexico. Growing up in the Riviera Maya, a region of Mexico full of history, culture, wildlife, and the magical ancestral background of the Mayans inspired them to embody these cultural characteristics into their lifestyle. Many years later, after Valeria and Alex traveled throughout the world they became fascinated with heritage and the importance of respecting the organic process of product construction and fabrication.

They made it their mission to embark on a project of honoring artisans and sourcing pieces made in their home country in an effort to allow the world access to some of these magnificent, hand-made creations - the kind of creations that can only be found in beautiful, time capsule-esque areas of Mexico, where many still speak a variety of indigenous dialects. They are providing a never-before-seen link between these artisans, their practices, products, and the global marketplace without interfering with their processes, changing the ways in which they are made, or forcing them to adapt to scale. The pace, the diligence, and the most importantly, the tradition, is maintained in order to ensure the heart and integrity of each piece.