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From: Oaxaca, Mexico.

“Working with clay is an ancestral gift from my land. It is a world full of shapes and expressions. A place full of love for our Zapotec culture. There is a need in me to transform and complement the raw material through clay work.” -Adrian.

Clay is the tradition that was inherited to me. I started my practice at a very young age and it slowly turned into what is now my entire life, part of who I am, my transformative essence. When I was 15 years old I got my degree as a ceramic technician from the ICAPET institute and I had the opportunity to learn from two Japanese masters who taught me well known techniques related to the ceremonial craft of ceramic work, like raku. 

I have worked with many national and international artists like: Mariana Castillo Deball, Tania Candiani, Adán Paredes, Luis Zárate, José Esteban Martínez, Edgardo Aragón, Armando Guerrero, and a few others.

I have participated in many art expositions, both collective and for my individual work, here in Mexico and throughout the entire world. I represented the regions of Oaxaca's ceramic work in Germany and I have presented my work at different art expositions in New York City, France, Canada, and England, just to name a few. When visiting Oaxaca you can find my art work at the Museum of Contemporary Art. I have also participated in specialty workshops at the Tamayo Museum in Mexico City.

I currently work at my beloved teacher and mother’s workshop. Her name is Ana María and her workshop has a 40 year trajectory in the small city of Santa María Atzompa.



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